A Commitment to Professionalism and Educational Excellence


The Benedictine Institute of Learning
aims to provide the highest standard of quality
education that will mold the youth to become
professionals and dream citizens of tomorrow.

It hopes further to open the youth's gateway
to bigger opportunities and to promote
their physical well-being and the formation
of their values and attitudes that would produce
the models of the future.


To be the primary source of model citizens
with intellectual knowledge, value,
and attitudes that are exceptionally
above standards.

To be an environmental conscious institution
for the employees, parents, guardians
and students to enjoy impeccable surroundings,
clean and healthful conditions of all times.

To establish a school that is administratively tight,
financially sound, cost efficient, humane
and one that provides its employees with rewards
and merits commensurate to their involvement
in its growth.

To ensure that the school, its employees,
and the students project a professional image
and an asset to the community and the country.

To attain and maintain its goals and objectives
beyond the norms of learning standards.

To ensure the comfort, safety and security of
its employees, parents and the students
by all means possible.


Inspired by our hero Dr. Jose P. Rizal's belief
"Nasa kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan",
the Benedictine Institute of Learning believes that the
youth of today could well be the future of our nation
in general and a valuable asset to the community in particular
if given the proper educative process.

The sign of development of times are dynamically
fast moving that the teaching methods
must be re-focused and re-aligned to cope
with the present realities and demands

We further believe that the teaching process is only
but one primary factor in the development of the
youth today. The convenience comfort, savings and
security of the children also play an important role
that would eventually enhance and ensure the
opportunities for the future millennium.


Result Oriented
Objective Driven
Sensitivity/Open Mindedness

Contact Us


Benedictine Institute of Learning Abad Homes Medicion 1B Imus, Cavite

Tel nos. (046) 471-51-05
  (046) 686-2363
  (046) 515-7157

Concern regarding specific offices:

101 Admin Office
102 Office of the COO/ Principal
103 School Clinic
104 Elementary Faculty
105 Reading Specialist
106 Elementary Canteen
107 Security(Main Gate)
108 Security (High School Gate)
110 School Canteen (High School Gate)
111 Benedictine Boardroom
112 School Cashier
113 Lobby Cashier
114 Office of the Guidnce Counselor
115 Junior High School Faculty
116 I.T. Office
117 Office of the Academic Coordinator
118 Business Center




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